Great Changes Coming!

As you probably know, navigating through my website frustrates the most practiced user.  I mail newsletters not through an email server but by blog post. [...]

The Knitting Cup’s June Calendar: Lots of Great Ideas!!!!

    Time flies when your having fun!  The new calendar for June will blow you away!  I'm trying a new calendar method, allowing you into [...]

Provisional Cast On Made Easy

A temporary cast on? Really??  The purpose of a provisional cast on creates live stitches on both ends of the working piece.  This allows the first row of [...]

Steam Blocking . . .Simple and Quick

All knit and crocheted pieces should be blocked....  Some projects don't look as if they need blocking, but would benefit from the very simple process.  [...]

Keeping Mother Knitting Along

This Saturday we'll have an ongoing celebration for mothers. . .you, yours, or someone you know.  But, I thought I'd try something a bit different.  Instead [...]

Short Row Savvy

Quite often I hear customers worry over this thing called short rows.  But, it's merely just that:  knitting short rows, only to create something with form [...]

Celebrate Poppyfest at The Knitting Cup!

I so enjoy seeing my customers come and go with a variety of projects:  sweaters, hats, scarves, wraps, socks....  But the project you tell me you enjoy [...]

Happy Birthday To Us!!

April 1, 2015 marks the best April Fool's Day I my life!  I bought NeedleArts of Georgetown from Karen and entered the world of fiber.  I've never looked [...]

Update on Spring Pattern Sale and Hours for the Rest of the Week

The early squirrel gets the nut!  Let's celebrate the first week of spring with a pattern sale!  Monday through Thursday and Saturday, too, all past season [...]