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 Clearance Sale Continues!
As new yarns arrive, we continue to make more room on our shelves.  It's also the time when fiber companies discontinues some yarns, too.  This is great for my customers!  The low cases in our hallway are 50% off the regular price.  Again, I'm sorry this is only available to in store shoppers.  There are just too many to mark down online!

Fourth of July Celebration!
"Celebrate with fireworks and picnics!" our founding fathers said.  And, I agree!  Each year I close for the holiday, Monday July 4.  The city of Georgetown has a wonderful celebration in the park as well as other towns in the area.  I hope you are able to celebrate in a glorious way!

Interesting Social Media Algorithms
In the last few weeks, the algorithms for Facebook and Instagram changed.  Please check to make sure you are following our Facebook and Instagram pages for exciting new products, trendy new projects, and innovative methods.  Look for a box opening this week on Instagram Live!  We'll have a QR code available for instant purchasing!  We know you'll love the new Christmas themed Footloose yarn from Baah.

Our Hope
If you missed posts this week, I hope you enjoy these photos!  The first are available kits for Zauber Perlan with a cute free pattern, the second shows a method of increasing stitches: knit front, slip back; replacing a backward loop cast on, and the last is our first ever shop inspiration card for Martha's Buena Vista Kits! 


Store Hours Update:
Amid the concerns and rules of our county, The Knitting Cup is open from 10:00 until 5:00 Mondays through Fridays and 4:30 on Saturdays.  We have curbside pickup for orders placed online or over the phone.  You are welcome to shop inside.  We'd love you to enjoy crafting with others.  Our community table is open again whether you need assistance or not.  We thank you for your continued support.  Our prayers go out to all.  Stay safe!

Our store provides customers a comfortable atmosphere to shop beautiful yarns in an abundance of fibers and weights, from the best mills in America and abroad.  We happily help with knitting instruction, repairs on work in progress, and group lessons. Spin and weave with us, too!  With a bit of loose tea on the side, what more could you ask for in a yarn shop?  We welcome you to our table.

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