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But First, Thank You!
What a fantastic week we experienced!!  All week long you visited, purchased, and crafted with us.  And, we so appreciate you shopping with us Saturday, during the trunk show with Purls and Postulates.  Many of us decided to knit the Floodlight Tee!  Jessica’s Harris Sock and her Mohair will create the perfect light sweater!!
Toasty Toes Sock Club!
I know it seems unusual to meet  AFTER you start a project.  However, we feel the tricky part starts at the heel of the Princess Lola Sock.  Please cast on and knit to 5 inches LESS than the length of your foot.  Remember, to PURL on the sole of the sock.  If you need assistance casting on toe up, please come in for help or check out our YouTube Channel to cast on, and to build the toe. Connie will be here at 10:30 Saturday the 11th, to give you with the ins and outs of this new heel.  The model is in the shop right now!! Come by and see!!
World Wide Knit in Public Day!!
A group of knitters plan to meet on the Courthouse lawn on the Square for the day, Saturday, June 11th.  Come and go as you like.  Extra yarn and needles will be available for those showing and interest.  Also, The Knitting Cup seems to be the window to Georgetown.  If you’d like to knit under the magnolia at the shop, bring your lawn chair and enjoy!  We’ll have an ice chest of water, but if you’d like something a bit different,  as always, you are welcome to bring your own.  Let’s share our lifetime craft with those looking to learn something new or just relax!
Our Hope
The temperatures may be rising, but The Knitting Cup works hard to keep the costs down.  Thanks so much for making our little shop your Local Yarn Store!