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There sit 14 boxes in the front room of The Knitting Cup.  Thank goodness we spent weeks moving yarn around to create enough shelves for the beauties seeming to arrive daily.  I caught no sleep last night, wondering why I bought as much yarn as I did.  It’s funny.  I do this every year.  The truth is, I do it for you!  I think of those new grandparents who need the perfect yarn for a sweater, a hat, or that perfect blanket for the baby.  I’m reminded of the moms who think of their children far away in colder climates who need the most exotic yarn for socks.  I love listening to the many young crafters, wanting to copy the styles they see in their favorite boutiques.  Sometimes, my favorite are those who finally will knit something for themselves, crochet something they’ve never tried before, create something for someone they’ve never met…. I have the most wonderful job in the world!  I’m so blessed to share it with all of you!  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news; our YouTube channel for helpful videos;  and this website for some amazing products!