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Mystery Grab Bag


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Mystery Grab Bags
It's that time again for clearing the shelves for all the new yarn on its way!  Except for the Baby Bundles, all bags values are $ 100 or more!  We hope you enjoy how we grouped them!
Sumptuous Socks (3 different skeins of cotton self striping and one of Urth); Luxurious Lace (2 or more from VJ Fibers and one from Wonderland - over 2400 yds), Super Silks (more silk yarns from VJ Fibers in DK weight over 1,200 yds), Warmy Neutrals and Darks (mix of worsted and sport for up to 3 projects), Cotton Tapes (grouped in project based themes), Self Striping Worsted merino, Fingering Fun (2 hanks of 4 colors of gorgeous silk blend fingering yarn), Linen Tape enough for a tank top, a Bag of Gold (including 3 golden colored yarns:  3000 yds. mostly in merino and about 900 in linen) and Baby Bundles (3 skeins of a Freckles DK acrylic and 5, 25g skeins of My First Regia merino) and the super baby bundle has 30 skeins of MY First Regia in 6 grouping color bags.