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A Needle Runs Through It

Brooklyn Haberdashery Notions




The Sock Ruler


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AddiToGo Stitch Stoppers


Black Elastic Thread 30yd 4/box


Brittany Cable Knitting Needles 3.75" 3/Pkg-Sizes 2.5/3mm, 4/3.5mm & 7/4.5mm


BTS Hand Turned Ball Point Pen

$25.00 - $30.00

BTS Hand Turned Notions Keeper


ChiaGoo Red Lace Interchangeable Tips Small


ChiaoGoo Swatch & Needle Gauge 5.5"-


Circling Pendant


Circular Stitch Holder Long


Circular Stitch Holder Short


Classic Thread Clip 4.5


Coco Knits Gray Accessory Roll


Coco Knits Needle Gauge


Coco Knits Row Counter


Coco Knits Sweater Care Kit


Coco Knits Tape Measure


Coco Knits Triangle Stitch Markers


CocoKnits Marker's Board Kit


Customer Acrylic 1" Gauge Ruler w/ clip


Darning Needle Set


Fix It Tool


Floops Skinny


Floops Flox


Floops Victory Stitch Markers


Gauge Ruler


Katrinkles Stitch Markers


Knit Blockers


Knit Picks Stitch Markers


Knitter's Pride Rainbow Folding Scissors-


Knitter's Pride Sterling Silver Plated Chakra Stitch Markers-


Knitter's Pride Sterling Silver Plated Metal Needle Gauge-


Knitter's Pride The Mindful Blocking Mats 9/Pkg-


Knitter's Pride The Mindful Knit Blockers-Package Of 20


Knitter's Pride The Mindful Markers - Mega Pack Of 100-Assorted Styles


Knitter's Pride The Teal Retractable Tape Measure-


Knitter's Pride The Teal Row Counter-


Knitter's Pride-Signature Series Swift -


Lee Products Fluorescent Highlighter Tape .5"X720"-Yellow


Lykke Rosewood Jumbo Ball Winder


Lykke Rosewood Umbrella Swift


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